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Over 35 Years Dedicated to Gemstones

Lab-grown Gems

The expert team behind BIRON® has specialised in gems of the finest quality and most refined craftsmanship since 1984. We source and supply exceptional gems of all shapes, sizes, cuts, and quantities to brands and retailers around the world. From 2015 onwards, we have been growing our own emeralds and have mastered the formula for creating what is known as Colombian green emeralds – the variety of emerald with the most sought after colour.

We are now a leading producer of lab-grown emeralds with the same intense green colour as Colombian emeralds, but with steady supply and diverse qualities. We apply the same standards of excellence to lab-grown sapphires, rubies, and alexandrites that we meticulously source for our clients.

BIRON® is also an authorised distributor of Kyocera opals and a representative for synthetic corundum and spinel by Djeva in Switzerland.

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The Most Impressive Colour

After many years of intensive research on many aspects of hydrothermal technology,

BIRON® emerald resulted in a colour that was virtually indistinguishable from the Columbian Muzo emerald,

the most desirable colour in the marketplace.

Artur Birkner, Geologist & Chemist, Australia

Artur Birkner, Geologist & Chemist, Australia

Gemstone Sourcing

Gemstone sourcing

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With more than 35 years of experience in the gem industry, we are well established in the market and continue to grow and offer our clients the most comprehensive and valuable services.

Aside from the superior emeralds we grow in-house, a strength of ours is obtaining other outstanding stones from reliable and responsible sources around the world. We can then cut and polish the gems according to your needs in our in-house factory. We also offer advisory services on the suitability of gem varieties for any design you may have in mind and explore alternatives with you when necessary.

Our inventory includes lab-grown emeralds, rubies, sapphires, padparadschas, alexandrites, diamonds and opals, and more, as well as semi-precious stones. We take pride in sourcing precisely what our clients imagine for their fine jewellery designs and collections.

Gemstone Cutting & Polishing

At BIRON®, we have our own stone-cutting factory that provides a complete spectrum of lapidary services, from cutting gems from roughs and cutting enhancement through to gemstone drilling and trimming.

Convenient Timing and Delivery

Our team is always ready to discuss and manage realistic timelines for production and delivery according to your needs. Every effort will be made to comply with your desired schedule to facilitate a smooth and reliable production process. We also offer the convenience of flexibility, including piece by piece, partial delivery of lots, or in bulk.

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Bespoke Jewellery


Our in-house experts can help you design the most beautiful fine jewellery settings for your spectacular BIRON® gems. We also offer practical introductions on gemstone setting, which can help you identify the application methods most relevant to your piece.

To gain an understanding of your tastes, preferences, and objectives, we typically begin by taking inspiration from samples such as your photos, sketches, and past jewellery, or through our BIRON® jewellery collection. We can also connect you with the most qualified jewellery designers for your needs who can work with you to refine your dream designs.

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