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Gemstone Accessories & OEM Jewellery

When the word “gem” is used, many will immediately think about “jewellery”.

But the truth is they can also be applied to many things.


Other than jewellery items, the potential of gemstones is vast and there are many unexplored product markets.

They can be cut into various shapes and sizes, creating myriad possibilities for use in diverse applications.


Our own factory provides quality stone cutting services according to client’s specifications. Apart from OEM projects, we are more than welcome to discuss with you on any new and initial creative ideas for new product business development.  Inter-Pacific aims at establishing long-term business relationships with you.

Possible Application to the Following Products

Watches, stationery, shoes, handbags, corporate gifts, wedding favours, place cards for events, personalized gifts, fashion jewelleries, hair accessories, pens, eyewear, ornaments, buckles, cufflinks, buttons, phone cases, laptop cases, and anything else that catches your fancy, all of which we would be pleased to produce at your order.

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