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ODM Fashion Jewellery : Dancing Collection

Dancing Jewellery products combine technology with fine handcrafting and are developed, enhanced and manufactured by our own team of specialists. Each item is skillfully handcrafted by using only the highest quality bora-silicate glass, well-known by its trade name, Pyrex. Within the glass, gemstones (natural or synthetic) and cubic zirconia are placed. What you will be seeing are beautiful gemstones floating and dancing graciously in an oil-filled Pyrex glass bulb, which we describe as the latest 3D jewellery and can be viewed and appreciated from all angles.


This eye-catching jewellery piece has been crafted to complement any outfit, adding a luxurious, stylish touch, whatever the occasion. Transforms any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary and discover a new way of displaying and showing off your beauty and style.

Ready-Made Gemstone Accessories

Dancing Loose Goblets

Dancing loose goblets were first promoted by Inter-Pacific around 2010 as accessories for jewelleries. It is a combination of technology and fine hand crafting, and are manufactured by our own team of experienced craftsmen. Each goblet is skillfully handcrafted using highest quality borosilicate glass, well-known by its trade name, Pyrex. Gemstones or other substances and oil are inserted into the goblet (the latter to give mobility to the former) before it is sealed.

Different gemstones floating gently inside the bulb or capsule like tube, and each combination of stones / materials has  its unique charm and sparkle. They can be a mix and match of sparkling gemstones in the shapes of different alphabets for expressing your special messages. All the goblets can be set with different clasps to create a new collection of earrings and pendants,  tailored-made just for you or your beloved ones.


You can choose between bulb and capsule shapes and fill them with different gemstones representing each month for a birthstone collection. Gemstones have been used as talismans for good fortune and to protect from harm since ancient times. Birthstones are coloured gems linked to a particular month throughout the year, each gem has its own story and representation and is believed to equip the wearer with positive qualities. Birthstone jewellery is a great gift for someone well-loved.


OEM projects are welcomed. We would be pleased to work with you on product development according to your requirement.

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