Frequently Asked Questions

About BIRON®

What does “Biron® lab-grown gems” cover?

Biron® is the brand of our lab-grown products which includes Colombian colour emerald, sapphire, ruby, alexandrite, padparadscha, diamond and opal.

What makes Biron® gems so different from other lab-grown gems?

Biron® lab-grown emeralds are grown using a hydrothermal process which is faster than the other available process (called “flux melt”) for growing emeralds.  The hydrothermal process takes about 4 weeks whilst the flux melt process takes 10 to 12 months.  The more important point is Biron® knows how to bring out beauty better and more consistently.

Our lab-grown gems under the Biron® brand are sourced meticulously by us, using our 35 years of experience in the industry and our belief and practice of always using our best endeavours to meet our clients’ requirements.

Why should I buy Biron® lab-grown emeralds from you instead of other producers?

Biron® emeralds are all Colombian colour, whilst other producers can also produce Columbian colour lab-grown emeralds, their colours are often not as beautiful by industry standard. 
Lab-grown emeralds created by the flux melt process generally have more flaws and/or inclusions.

Are there any proofs or certifications to endorse Biron®’s claimed quality? Would there be any rating reports for loose stones?

There are currently no rating reports for lab-grown gemstones (except for diamonds).  It is expected that with the increase in demand and usage for such, reports would become available.

Seems that from the online search of Biron® brand, the information shown do not align with what is claimed in this website. It is a brand of emerald gem only. Why is there such a difference?

The difference is due to our inclusion of other high-quality lab-grown gems under our brand.  We have the experience and the expertise to source high-quality lab-grown gemstones for clients and we have accumulated a large inventory of such and have the confidence to include them in our brand.

How are emeralds grown? What is the unique technology for growing it? Where is the laboratory?

The gemstone is grown through the hydrothermal process (which seeks to reproduce the environment in nature that would produce emeralds naturally), which involves high temperature and high pressure in an enclosed autoclave with natural beryl placed inside as both seed and nutrient.  

The laboratory is in Hong Kong.

Is Biron® just a brand for rough stone? How about cut stone?

The brand only covers cut stones but we do have other roughs for lapidary for sale.

Since Biron® is a brand of gemstones, do you also grow your ruby, sapphire, alexandrite, padparacha, diamond and opal?

No, we do not grow the aforementioned stones.  We source them from our associates in which we have confidence and with which we have dealt for a long time.

I can see there are wholesalers selling Biron emerald, why should I buy from you?

There is only one such wholesaler in the market. An Australian who had registered the brand name in Australia ages ago and who source stones from India.  He is not a producer himself and sells everything he sourced under the Australian Biron name.  We are confident that the stones are not of a quality comparable to ours. 

Biron® has its jewellery collections? What kind of jewelries it features?

We now have a collection of 9 pieces of jewellery using lab-grown gems set in 18K gold and natural diamonds which include pendants, bracelets and rings.

Are Biron® lab-grown gems eco-friendly and green?

Biron® lab-grown gems are eco-friendly and green in that no mining is involved, no large volume of soil and/or trees would be removed leaving irreversible scars on the earth, all the preceding are avoided with our lab-grown gems.

About Lab-grown Gems

What are lab-grown gemstones?

Lab-grown gems are real gemstones that are unmined and synthetically made in a laboratory.

Crystals are formed in a controlled environment through various man-made processes dependent on the gemstone. All of the chemical composition, optical and physical characteristics of a naturally mined gemstone are maintained.

Natural gemstones are formed in nature and are earth-mined. They are considered costlier and rarer than lab-grown gemstones for their natural colouration and faceting that occurs without human interference.

Are lab-grown gemstones real gems?

Yes. Synthetically created gemstones are real because of their identical characteristics in chemical composition, optics, and physical form.

Are lab-created gemstones valuable?

Yes. Gemstones created in a laboratory are highly valued for their quality and finish.

They have the exact same chemical composition as that of their natural counterpart and can have little to no inclusions with high-quality colour and clarity to suit any need. What’s more, they are eco-friendly and humanitarian. The highest quality synthetic gemstones can be 100% consistent with naturally-mined gemstones.

What is lapidary?

As an adjective, it means “relating to the engraving, cutting, or polishing of stones and gems.  As a noun it means “a person who cuts, polishes or engraves gems”.  In the trade, the term can refer to people who buy roughs to cut for themselves or others as a hobby or as a business and to the process/technique of cutting, cabbing and polishing gemstones.

Are lab gems as durable as mined gemstones?

Yes. Lab-grown gemstones hold the same consistency and chemical composition as that of naturally-mined gemstones, so the durability properties are identical.

About Order Placement

How can I place an order?

You can contact us at (852) 28981178, Whatsapp us (852) 65647831, WeChat us at Biron_gems or email us at hello@biron-gems.com.

Do you sell loose stones? Is there any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

We sell loose stones. There is no MOQ in terms of pieces but there is MOQ in terms of invoice amount which is currently US$500.

I am not a retailer nor a jewellery manufacturer. How can I order one piece of Biron® loose gemstone for self-consumption?

For order placement or for more product information, You can contact us at (852) 28981178, Whatsapp us (852) 65647831, WeChat us at Biron_gems or email us at hello@biron-gems.com

Why don’t you have online store for retail consumers?

This is because all our stones are handcrafted and made to specifications, so it is not suitable for online sale for retail consumers currently.  We will however work on this aspect.

How to verify if your collectable items are real and not fake? Any certifications?

Our collectable items are real and natural. We are working on the certifications which take some time.

Who is qualified to buy Education Specimen?

Anybody who has an interest in the specimens can place an order with us. You can contact us at (852) 28981178, Whatsapp us (852) 65647831, WeChat us at Biron_gems or email us at hello@biron-gems.com.

The various stone colour charts displayed in your web page show the exact colour of the ultimate items of the stones?

The colour charts are for reference only.  The ultimate items may have slight colour variations to those on the charts.  Our lab-grown process replicates nature and uniformity cannot be guaranteed. 

About Inter-Pacific Holdings Limited

Are you a factory or trading company?

We manufacture our own Biron® brand of lab-grown emeralds in Hong Kong and source other kinds of lab-grown gems from suppliers worldwide.  We trade both rough and cut stones.  The cut stones are handcrafted by our skilful workers in our own stone cutting factory in China.

How would you ensure your product quality is consistent?

Our factory is one of the few remaining factories still conducting 100% quality control of products before shipment.

How long is the production lead time?

It takes about 3 working days if we have inventory and will take a longer time of around 7-20 working days if make to order is required.

Longer time will be necessary for orders in larger quantities. 

Shipment by instalments can be arranged.

Do you accept OEM service?

Yes, we welcome OEM and will work with customers on product development according to their requirements from concept to bulk production.