BOGOTá, BOGOTá D C , COLOMBIA - 2017/06/09: An employee works at the Colombiana Texas Transformadora (CTT), Muzo Group's cutting facility in Bogotá. 
Colombia produces one of the worlds finest and most looked for emeralds. (Photo by Thierry Falise/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Five years from now, will you regret not grasping an opportunity that may be worth millions of dollars?

Have you struggled about whether to give the lab-grown jewellery business a chance – especially when the media say the market is extremely vibrant?

You may worry that your clients might feel confused about your brand if you offer lab-grown gems in your jewellery.  However, will you feel embarrassed if you become left behind by your competitors and the jewellery industry?

With more than 35 years of experience working with gemstone dealers and retailers around the world, we understand your challenges. That’s why we introduce the best quality lab-grown coloured gemstones to you.

Let’s Create
Our History Together

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Louis Lo
Managing Director
Inter-Pacific Holdings Limited

Since 1984, we have been sourcing and supplying exceptional gems of all shapes, sizes, cuts, and quantities for brands and dealers in five continents.

In 2015, we began growing our own emeralds using the BIRON® Process, which uses our own formula built on the hydrothermal process for creating the sought-after colour of Colombian green emeralds.

The media has shown there is a fast-growing population of sustainability-conscious consumers looking forward to intricate and artistically designed jewellery featuring lab-grown gems of spectacular quality.

Come with me and embark on a journey to create a new offering for the consumer-conscious market; one that will also help create job opportunities and contribute to a healthier economy. Together, let’s build something truly valuable for our clients and future generations.

Exquisite and Eco-Friendly Gems, Grown to Perfection

BIRON® is a symbol of excellence and perseverance. Our mission is to work with retailers, designers, manufacturers, and dealers in the creation of exquisite and eco-friendly fine jewellery collections by ensuring a steady supply of sustainable lab-grown gems of outstanding quality.

An industry leader in innovation, quality, perseverance, and precision, BIRON® is known for:


Minimal Colour Variance

Growing lab-grown emeralds of the highest quality with the same intense green colour of Colombian emeralds and with minimal colour variance.


Responsible Sourcing

Sourcing numerous varieties of superior lab-grown gems from reliable and responsible sources worldwide, including rubies, blue sapphires, padparadschas, alexandrites, diamonds, and opals.


High Durability

Creating lab-grown emeralds that are less brittle for durability and peace of mind during cutting and setting.


Transparent Pricing

Offering transparent and predictable pricing as well as reliable timelines for production and delivery.


In-house Lab & Factories

Utilising the benefits of our in-house stone-cutting factory that provides a complete spectrum of lapidary services.


Vibrant Colours

Enabling jewellery designers to pursue their creativity without constraint.


Continual Supply

Providing a continual supply of premium lab-grown gems that consistently meet each client’s colour, clarity, saturation, and size needs.


Affordable Price

Bringing to life the boldest jewellery designs that mined gems cannot easily or affordably achieve.



Being significantly gentler on our beautiful earth than the process of mining gems.

Meet the Founder

"A transaction is only a success if all parties can benefit from it. We believe in win-win results."

A Precious Passion

About the founder

My name is Louis Lo, and I have been serving the gemstone and jewellery industry since 1967. Gems are my passion and I have devoted a great part of my life to them.

Before building BIRON®, I ran a thriving gemstone trading company for more than three decades. I am privileged to have shared my knowledge about gems with countless stone dealers, jewellery retailers, designers, and manufacturers around the world.

However, my journey towards lab-grown gems is not straight.

My Epiphany

In 2012, a leading lab-grown gemstone brand in North America asked me if I could source top-quality lab-grown emeralds for them. Until then, I hadn’t realised how difficult it was to consistently find lab-grown emeralds with the same quality as their mined counterparts. Driven by a desire to assist my clients, I decided around 2013/2014 to try to develop my own technology that could grow truly exceptional emeralds so that my clients can have access to top-quality lab-grown emeralds consistently.

My Epiphany

Growing A Dream


I began working closely with industrial chemist and geologist Artur Birkner who had more than 30 years of experience in geological exploration and mining and who was primarily responsible for developing what was known as the Biron process in the mid-1980s.  The name ‘Biron’ is actually a combination of the first three letters of Mr Birkner’s surname and the last two letters of the word ‘hexagon’, inspired by the hexagonal crystal structure of emeralds. Overcoming numerous challenges, we worked extremely hard to produce lab-grown emerald roughs of consistent quality that could meet the strictest demands of luxury brands. Together, we refined the Biron process and developed the formula behind the incredible quality of BIRON® emeralds.

A Rocky Start

As the saying goes, the days can’t all be sunny; some may turn stormy and dark. In mid-2015, I lost a significant deal when a key buyer decided to pursue an alternative line of business. This meant I couldn’t plan on where and how to continue my business for the next twelve months with any confidence. I wonder if you have ever felt that way – perhaps as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have felt anxious, depressed, lost, or frustrated in business before, I have been there too.

At the same time, however, I noticed reputable media outlets reporting increasing demand for more sustainable methods of / material for production, particularly among millennials. I found this to be in line with my dream of helping brands build jewellery collections featuring outstanding, genuinely sustainable lab-grown gems and my determination to do so was reinforced.

_A Rocky Start

A Brighter Future

A Brighter Future

Publications like Forbes, the BBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the South China Morning Post, and more, continue to publish stories about how our younger generation is refusing to buy natural stones that are associated with high human cost and environmental damage. In 2020, a Mintel research report revealed that sustainability and ethics are top in the mind of 55% of UK jewellery buyers. That same year, Forbes reported lab-grown diamonds to be the fastest-growing category in the jewellery market.

I am convinced there is a bright future for lab-grown gems. Additionally, while lab-grown gems are known for their perfection, we can also grow gemstones with inclusions that resemble natural gems even more closely.

The Most Spectacular Lab Grown Gems

At BIRON®, I am proud to say that we have mastered the formula for creating what is known as Colombian green emeralds – the variety of emerald with the most sought-after colour. The BIRON® Process has made us the prime source for lab-grown Columbian-colour emeralds that meet the standards of world-class jewellers and luxury brands.

We apply the same standards of excellence to meticulously source lab-grown rubies, blue sapphires, padparadscha sapphires, alexandrites, diamonds, and opals, as well as other semi-precious stones for our clients. Thanks to our comprehensive collections, our clients can unleash their creativity to the full and create whatever they dream.

The most Specular Lab Grown Gems


The Most Impressive Colour

After many years of intensive research on many aspects of hydrothermal technology,

BIRON® emerald resulted in a colour that was virtually indistinguishable from the Columbian Muzo emerald,

the most desirable colour in the marketplace.

Artur Birkner, Geologist & Chemist, Australia

Artur Birkner, Geologist & Chemist, Australia

Our Pledge

At BIRON®, we are 100% devoted to supplying the most spectacular stones with your success as our priority.  We are committed to helping you:

Build a Star Business

Create a new offering for the consumer

Save Time

Get your gemstones ready
in 3 short days

Increase Wearability

Lab-growns are relatively less brittle
than natural gems

Foster Loyal Customers

Share your visions in building something truly valuable for future generations

Save Money

Escape from the need of keeping a large inventory of gemstones to find a matching colour

Thrive and Shine

Get more quantity and variety of gemstones for your elaborated and artistically designed jewellery at only a fraction of the price of natural stones

Trusted By

The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong 香港寶石學協會

Hong Kong Accreditation Service 香港認可處

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association 香港珠寶製造業廠商會

Hong Kong Management Association Chinese Executive Club 香港管理專業協會工商管理研究社

Hong Kong Trade Development Council 香港貿易發展局

As Seen On

Gemsworld Issue 30 2019/20 Article – Moving Forward with Synthetic Gems 邁向合成寶石新世代

Sing Tao Daily 星島日報 2009/6/1

Takungpao 大公報 2009/4/6

Hong Kong Economic Times 香港經濟日報 2009/3/5

Giving Back

Louis pic_dummy

When he is not working, Louis enjoys spending time with practitioners in the jewellery industry.

Louis plays an active role in transforming the gems and jewellery communities.  Invited by the Trade Development Council, and Hong Kong Accreditation Service, Louis has made a significant contribution to the industry by helping setting up well-defined standards to determine the authenticity of natural Fei Cui (Jadeite Jade) and diamond.  The initiative has helped maintain Hong Kong’s reputation as a shopping paradise with authentic goods, and the ideal destination for natural jadeite.

Louis is industriously working on setting a standard for lab-grown emeralds.

He is currently serving at the following associations:

  • Honorary Chairman, The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong
  • Member, The Gemmological Association of Great Britain
  • Member, Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association
  • Member, The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
  • Member, The Hong Kong Jewellers’ & Goldsmiths’ Association Ltd
  • Member, Hong Kong Gold and Silver Ornament Workers & Merchants General Union
  • Member, Chinese Executive Club, The Management Association
  • Member, Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers’ Association