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The Future of Fine Jewellery

Create an Exquisite and Eco-conscious Fine Jewellery Brand Book a FREE Consultation
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Jewellery Brand to Life
The Most Trusted Lab-grown Emerald and Coloured Gemstone Supplier in Hong Kong Book a FREE Consultation
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Jewellery Brand to Life
The Most Trusted Lab-grown Emerald and Coloured Gemstone Supplier in Hong Kong Book a FREE Consultation

Grow Your Jewellery Business Easier & Faster
with BIRON® Lab-Created Gems


Join the Fastest-growing Category in the Jewellery Market

“The Bain report pegs the lab-grown diamond market’s growth between 15 to 20 % in 2019, and given that traditional jewellers have only recently begun to sell lab-grown gemstones, their market share in the jewellery industry is only going to grow and grow fast.”

Forbes magazine, 2019


Get Continual Supply of High Colour Quality Multicoloured Gems

The experts behind BIRON® are committed to helping the jewellery industry gain better control of gem sourcing by offering the highest-quality lab-grown gems. Lab-grown gemstones are real gems; they have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as their mined counterparts and are every bit as spectacular.


Gain Popularity among Jewellery Lovers across the World

At only a fraction of the cost of mined gemstones, BIRON® created gems are priced according to carat and this pricing policy eliminates ALL unpredictable factors such as colour grading, purity, clarity and lustre. Fashionistas and jewellery lovers who cherish creativity and originality are now em-powered to own more pieces without breaking the bank.

Discover the Amazing BIRON® Lab Emeralds

Emerald Cluster Beryl Rough

Start building your eco-conscious jewellery line with BIRON® premium lab-grown emeralds which have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as natural Colombian emeralds, create a stunning sustainable fine jewellery collection and launch your masterpieces to jewellery lovers around the world.

Command a Better Market Position
with BIRON® Lab Emeralds

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Photo Credit: Inter-Pacific

Cleaner and Bigger

With the availability of cleaner and bigger gemstones at an affordable price, your customers will love to commission you to make statement pieces.

In 1985, a report by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) confirmed that a lab-grown emerald produced with the hydrothermal process was exceptionally clean and large. This method is significantly better than the flux melt process, which almost always produces flaws or inclusions. The report results still remain valid today.

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Colombian Green

Green is the colour of life, peace and harmony. Emerald symbolises growth, energy, and fertility. Its rarity makes it a popular option for engagement rings.

With the persistent effort of our technical experts, the BIRON® process has been advanced and the most sought-after colour Colombian Green is now more readily available. Characterised for the bluish-green to green colour with intense saturation, the gemstone has been beloved by royals, celebrities, and fashion icons from ancient to modern times.

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99% Resemble Natural Gems

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What makes the inner world of minded Colombian emeralds fascinating are the three-phase inclusion (liquid, gas, and small crystal).

The hydrothermal process is a relatively expensive process because it requires high levels of heat and pressure to mimic conditions deep down in the Earth’s core. By carefully adjusting the production formula, inclusions can be recreated. lt is worth the expenses because the gems grown with this process offer incomparable results.

On-time Delivery · Transparent Pricing · High-quality Colour
BIRON® Gems are Perfect for


Global Jewellery Brands

If you want to develop an eco-conscious jewellery line, our high colour quality gems will give you the confidence to embrace the market.


International Fashion Brands

Add extra lustre to your eyewear, watches, bags, shoes and accessories with lab-grown gems of higher quality and at a better price at BIRON®.


Fine Jewellery Retailers

Come talk to our consultants to find out which gem types, shapes, sizes and colour grading of lab-grown gems are gaining in popularity.


Manufacturers of Fine Jewellery

If serving a wider market is on your agenda, our gems will give your jewels the same lustre and optical properties as natural gemstones.


Fine Jewellery Designer

If you feel your creativity is limited by the exorbitant prices of high-quality natural gemstones, our gems allow you to try out more varieties at the same budget.


Gemstone Dealers

Scale to the eco-conscious consumer segment by providing sustainable jewellery. The quality of our lab-grown gems will surely delight your customers.


Eco-conscious Consumers

If you love to shine and feel beautiful while protecting our natural environment, our lab-grown gems are something that deserves your attention.


Fashionistas of All Ages

If you love stunning jewellery and accessories, don’t miss the BIRON® fine jewellery collection. We can also connect you with the most qualified designers.

Discover Marvelous BIRON® Multicoloured Lab-Grown Gems

Available in Seven Colours, Ten Shapes and All Sizes

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Get All Your Gemstone Needs from BIRON®

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Photo Credit: Inter-Pacific

Lab-grown Gems

The expert team behind BIRON® has specialised in gems of the finest quality and most refined craftsmanship since 1984. We source and supply exceptional gems of all shapes. Learn More >>

diamond trading center

Photo Credit: The Diamond Loupe

Gemstone Sourcing

With more than 35 years of experience in the gem industry, we are well established in the market and continue to grow and offer our clients the most comprehensive and valuable services. Learn More >>

What is a cut gemstone 540x358 1

Photo Credit: GIA

Cutting and Polishing

At BIRON®, we have our own stone cutting factory that provides a complete spectrum of lapidary services, from cutting gems from roughs and cutting enhancement through to gemstone trimming Learn More >>

bespoke fine jewellery

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Bespoke Jewellery

Our in-house experts can help you design the most beautiful fine jewellery settings for your spectacular BIRON® gems. We also offer practical introductions on gemstone setting. Learn More >>

Develop your Exquisite and Eco-conscious Fine Jewellery Collection
with Our Get-Set-Grow Formula

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Brought along by BIRON® Lab-grown Gems

Grant H.

Grant H.

Gem Merchant, Australia

“I consider myself very fortunate to have known Mr. Louis Lo for around 45 years on a professional and personal basis.  He is highly respected in the gemmological industry and in business and is considered a trustworthy, reputable gem dealer.”

Susanna Wong

Susanna W.

Senior Executive, Hong Kong

“The cut, colour, clarity and brilliance … are no different than the pricier ones at the fine jewellery boutiques at ifc mall.”


Tom C.

Created Gems Online Store, United States

“Started from helping us cutting a few hundred stones per month, to cutting thousands of stones per month, with exceptional quality and delivery, Louis has become the cornerstone of all our company’s faceting and is irreplaceable in our company.”

Ms Sharon Wong

Sharon W.

Award-winning Jewellery Designer, Hong Kong

“What I like most about BIRON® created gems are their colours, lustre and craftsmanship on cutting and polishing.”

Artur Birken

Artur Birkner

Geologist & Chemist, Australia

“After many years of intensive research on many aspects of hydrothermal technology, BIRON® emerald resulted in a colour that was virtually indistinguishable from the Columbian Muzo emerald, the most desirable colour in the marketplace.”

Mr. Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Kiyoshi K.

Created Gem Distributor, Japan

“The strategic customer education plan designed by BIRON® experts is indeed a godsend to us. It’s indispensable in building trust with our consumers.”

The BIRON® Guarantee

BIRON® gems are known for their exceptional quality, and we are 100% committed to supplying the most spectacular stones with your success as our priority.
  • Deviation, if any, solely as per agreed specification for products set out in the order.
  • 100% inspection of products before shipment.
  • Return and exchange of products subject to time and stock availability conditions.
  • Delivery within the agreed time in the absence of events beyond our control.

Meet the Founder


I still remembered the day when the US-based sustainable jewellery retailer came to me and sought my help urgently.

I am Louis Lo — a gemstone specialist who is passionate about promoting sustainable gemstones for a better world.

My journey to sustainable jewellery got started in 2012 when a leading lab-grown gemstone brand in North America asked me if I could source top-quality lab-grown emeralds for them.

Until then, I hadn’t realised how difficult it was to consistently find lab-grown emeralds with the same quality as their mined counterparts.  The manufacturers I encountered always:

  • over-promised, under-delivered;
  • lack proactive communication about quality;
  • lack visibility on the real status of sourcing;
  • not willing to spend time trying to fully understand my requirements.
  • not committed to quality control and assurance.
Driven by a desire to assist my clients to procure top quality lab-grown emeralds consistently, I began my journey on making lab-grown gemstones and now have helped 500 gemstone dealers from five continents to enrich their offerings, and have sold over ten tonnes of lab-grown gems across the globe. Come join me in our own Save the Future Movement and let’s make history together. [Read More]

Louis Lo
Managing Director
Inter-Pacific Holdings Limited


Carats of Gemstones Sold


Years in Business


Clients across 5 Continents

Trusted By

The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong 香港寶石學協會

Hong Kong Accreditation Service 香港認可處

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association 香港珠寶製造業廠商會

Hong Kong Management Association Chinese Executive Club 香港管理專業協會工商管理研究社

Hong Kong Trade Development Council 香港貿易發展局

As Seen On

Gemsworld Issue 30 2019/20 Article – Moving Forward with Synthetic Gems 邁向合成寶石新世代

Sing Tao Daily 星島日報 2009/6/1

Takungpao 大公報 2009/4/6

Hong Kong Economic Times 香港經濟日報 2009/3/5

FAQs on Lab Made Gemstones

Are lab-grown emeralds fragile and easy to break?

Lab-grown emeralds sold under the BIRON® brand are always of the most superior quality and are less brittle than their natural counterparts and are therefore less susceptible to breakage. Other lab-grown gems are sourced by us based on our 35 years of experience in the gem industry.

Will BIRON®gems lose their sparkle over time?

The composition of BIRON® lab-grown gems is almost identical to their natural counterparts. These are “real” gems, not fake ones, which are simply grown above the ground rather than underneath through processes that mimic the conditions of nature. BIRON® gems withstand the same wear as all precious and semi-precious stones.

How do you ensure your gems are consistently of the finest quality?

Our ability to provide the finest quality lab-grown gems comes from three areas:

Technology – Emerald roughs we grow are of premium quality because of our ability to adjust the formula for nutrients which makes clear Colombian Green Colour possible and add, if desired, inclusion to the gems resulting in a very close, if not identical, appearance to natural gems when judged by human eyes.

Craftsmanship – every gemstone is cut, multi-faceted and polished by hand.

Strict quality control – We are one of the few remaining factories in the world that still conducts 100% quality control checks of our gems before they are shipped to our clients.

How long will it take to get my lab-grown gems?

Our delivery time takes around three working days if we have the gems in the dimensions you desire in our collection, and 7-28 working days if a bespoke item is required.

  • ln stock gems: 3 Days
  • Cutting and polishing service: 7-14 Days
  • Sourcing, cutting and polishing: 28 Days

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